Economics of Adaptation on Climate Change and Natural Disaster: Evidence from Indonesia

22nd May 2024

Ariyo DP Irhamna


IPPC (2022) reveals that climate change and natural disasters have destructed ecosystems across the land and sea; increased migration and displacement; destroyed lives and welfare, exacerbated inequality; and posed a threat to food security. As a result, while climate change will continue, societies will need to adapt to the inevitable impacts of climate change and natural disasters. However, inadequate research, poor and insufficient adoption of adaptation knowledge, and a lack of urgency have become challenges in adaptation (IPCC, 2023). Therefore, this research can be considered as a call to provide more knowledge related to adaptation in one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change and natural disasters. This research will study the economics of adaptation to climate change and natural disasters in Indonesia. The economics of adaptation serves as the central theme of this dissertation, exploring the identification of irrigation as an adaptation due to climate change. Also, this research will measure the effectiveness of various on-farm climate adaptations and evaluate the effectiveness of pre-disaster programs in Indonesia.