• 22-23-29-June-23-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Ideology and social media in Iran

    29th June 2023

    Leila Adamzad, DEV, UEA

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  • 22-23-27-June-23-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Current & past experience of educational exclusion under Taliban rule

    27th June 2023

    Mitra Tanomand, DEV, UEA

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  • 22-23-26-June-23-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Boys Speak-Up: Exploring disengagement from secondary education along Lake Malawi

    26th June 2023

    Hodges Zacharia, DEV, UEA

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  • 22-23-5-June-23-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Following the light: using ‘brightspots’ to prevent future Amazonian fires

    5th June 2023

    Grania Power, DEV, UEA

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  • 22-23-25-May-23-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Being an expert witness at the inter-american court of human rights: Anthropological approaches to indigenous strategies for legal empowerment

    25th May 2023

    Laura Rival , University of Oxford

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  • 22-23-22-May-23-aspect-ratio-16-9
    The Role of Digital Communication Technologies in Sustaining Long-Distance Marriages in The Gambia and its Impacts on the Lives of Women

    22nd May 2023

    Amie Jammeh, DEV, UEA

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  • 22-23-18-May-23-aspect-ratio-16-9
    The Political Economy of Foreign Aid: An impact analysis of Aid-for-Trade on Nigeria’s Agricultural Exports

    18th May 2023

    Nafeesat Rabiu-Adebayo – DEV, UEA

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  • 22-23-15th-May-23-aspect-ratio-16-9
    ‘Living the fishing’: change, wellbeing and justice in Scotlands Buchan fishery

    15th May 2023

    Heather Gray, DEV, UEA

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  • 22-23-4th-May-23-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Megadiverse countries and sustainable development pathways: Case studies from Colombia

    4th May 2023

    Gaetrano Grilli, ENV, UEA

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  • 22-23-27th-April-23-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Intergenerational learning | “Children playing role of mediators to improve their grandparents’ digital literacy and skills”: a collaborative project between Quanxi Town Central Primary School and Shanghai Municipal Institute for Lifelong Education (SMILE) in China.

    27th April 2023

    Professor Jiacheng Li and Qingru Wang as respondent

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  • 22-23-25th-April-23-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Conceptualising rural environmental justice in Europe in an age of climate-influenced landscape transformations

    25th April 2023

    David Brown – DEV, UEA

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  • 22-23-24th-April-23-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Intergenerational learning | “Empowering grandmothers to support girls’ rights and development”: the Grandmother project in Senegal

    24th April 2023

    Dr. Judi Aubel, Mamadou Coulibaly and Dr. Ulrike Hannemann

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  • DEV-Publications-22-23-graphic1-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Agricultural carbon drawdown: from science, to policy, to business

    9th March 2023

    Prof. Jacqueline McGlade

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  • 22-23-6th-March-23-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Learning through a UNESCO Chair partnership

    6th March 2023

    Kamal Raj Devkota, Research Centre for Educational Innovation and Development, Tribhuvan University Nepal; Gina Lontoc, University of Santo Tomas, the Philippines; Turuwark Zalalam Warkineh & Abiy Menkir Gizaw, Bahir Dar University, Ethiopi; Ahmmardouh Mjaya, University of Malawi; James Bridge, UK National Commission for UNESCO; Hélène Binesse, Lauren Bouttell, Burcu Evren, Theresa Frey, Catherine Jere, Yann Lebeau, Chris Millora, Anna Robinson-Pant, Qingru Wang, University of East Anglia

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  • 22-23-17th-February-23-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Six Issues in Social Impact Evaluation: Reflections on a Decade of Action Research with the Quip

    17th February 2023

    Prof. James Copestake, University of Bath

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  • 22-23-13th-February-23-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Understanding perceived effectiveness of a novel coastal management project: The case of the Bacton-Walcott sandscaping scheme, UK

    13th February 2023

    Izzy Cotton, DEV, UEA

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  • 22-23-7th-February-23-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Inside the War: What is the New Normal for Ukrainians?

    7th February 2023

    Tina Polek, Centre for Applied Anthropology

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  • 22-23-2nd-February-23-aspect-ratio-16-9
    “Using your head”: The importance of being “exposed” for educated young women in northern Uganda

    2nd February 2023

    Sharon Acio, Dorah Adoch, Vicky Alum, James Opolo, & Ann Gumkit Parlaker, Lira University, Uganda

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  • 22-23-1st-december-22-aspect-ratio-16-9
    What does Net Zero mean for the UK Agri-Food system?

    1st December 2022

    Professor Neil Ward

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  • 22-23-29th-November-22-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Voices of the Global South: What’s changing for women fishers and fish workers?

    29th November 2022

    Prof Nitya Rao

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  • 22-23-21st-November-22-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Becoming the outskirts: Peripheral Urbanisation in Mandalay, Myanmar

    21st November 2022

    Francesca Chiu, DEV UEA

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  • 22-23-17th-November-22-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Migrant Workers’ Education in China: Changing Discourses and Practices – Adult Learning, Literacy and Social Change

    17th November 2022

    Fusheng Jia, Literacy & Development Group, UEA, Lindsay Howard, Academic Associate, School of Education and Lifelong Learning, UEA

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  • 22-23-10th-November-22-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Southern discomfort: In which we interrogate the concept of the South, and highlight its endurance

    10th November 2022

    Nikita Sud, Oxford University ODID

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  • 22-23-7th-November-22-1-aspect-ratio-16-9
    PhotoVoice: Monkoxi Reconnection. A tapestry of stories of autonomy, identity and climate action from the youth of the Monkoxi

    7th November 2022

    Iokine Rodriguez DEV-UEA, Markus Martinez-Burman, UEA Alumni-National Geographic Young Explorer, Illeana Pena, Young Indigenous Monkoxi photographer

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  • 22-23-27th-October-22-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Schooling, football and managing the future in eastern Uganda

    27th October 2022

    Floris Burgers, University of East Anglia, Vicky Alum, James Opollo and Ann Gumkit Parlaker, Lira University

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  • 22-23-24th-October-22-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Expanding the Digital Public Sphere: Marginalised women’s use of digital media in environmental justice movements

    24th October 2022

    Kayonaaz Kalyanwala, DEV UEA

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  • 22-23-20th-October-22-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Religious schemers: Educated youth as political navigators in eastern Uganda

    20th October 2022

    Ben Jones, Stella Aguti, Sarah Amongin, Jimmy Ezra Okello and Robert Oluka University of East Anglia and Lira University, Floris Burgers, University of East Anglia

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  • 22-23-17th-October-22-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Bridging Indigenous and Scientific Knowledge Systems in Knowledge Co-production with Amazonian Indigenous Communities

    17th October 2022

    Kaja Hegedic, City College Norwich

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  • 22-23-13th-October-22-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Schoolwork: On being educated in eastern Uganda

    13th October 2022

    Presenters: Ben Jones, University of East Anglia, Laury Ocen, Lira University, Sharon Acio and Dorah Adoch, Lira University

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  • 22-23-10th-October-22-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Just Conservation at Villarrica National Park, Chile? Bringing to light one conservation conflict in Peweñentu, Ngulumapu

    10th October 2022

    Maria Daniela Torres Alruiz, Universidad de Los Lagos

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  • 22-23-6th-October-22-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Literacies, Power and Identities in Figured Worlds in Malawi

    6th October 2022

    Ahmmardouh Mjaya, University of Malawi

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  • 22-23-3rd-October-22-aspect-ratio-16-9
    When green becomes saffron: wind extraction frontier, resource governance and citizenship regime in borderland India

    3rd October 2022

    David Singh, DEV UEA & University of Copenhagen

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic23-3-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Agricultural modernization and the (re)shaping of water governance in Shandong, China

    30th May 2022

    Caixia Man, DEV UEA

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  • a green background with event details of the research seminar including title, presenter and date
    National Multidimensional Poverty Measurement in Mexico and Colombia: The Design Processes of the Official Multidimensional Poverty Indices and its Use in Social Policy

    24th May 2022

    Eun Hye Choi – DEV UEA

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic24-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Identifying the factors that shape the monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian interventions in the MENA region during COVID-19 Crisis?

    23rd May 2022

    Khaled Esber – DEV UEA

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic27-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Environmental Justice and Corporate Activism: The Crossroads between Indigenous Communities and Extractive Industries

    19th May 2022

    Samuel Jones, DEV UEA

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic18-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Examining the role of water sharing in producing adaptive capacity: A study of situated vulnerabilities and resilience in New Mexico’s acequias

    16th May 2022

    Chyna Dixon, UEA

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic26-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Determinants of School Attendance at the Secondary Education in India

    9th May 2022

    Jiumei Dang, DEV UEA

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic22-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    ‘Decolonising’ in the Development/Aid Technocracy: Can we ‘checklist’, ‘diversify’ and/or ‘localise’ our way to a more pluriversal world?

    5th May 2022

    Dr. Lata Narayanaswamy – University of Leeds

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic20-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Ground Reports from India’s Development Story

    28th April 2022

    Mayank Aggarwal, Journalist

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic19-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Exorcism Untangled: investigating Deliverance ceremonies among middle-class Pentecostal Congregation in Johannesburg, South Africa

    25th April 2022

    Eirini Athanasopoulou, UEA DEV

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic25-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Using Drama to Decolonise the Pedagogical Practice

    21st March 2022

    Ralph Yarrow, LDC UEA, and Iokine Rodriguez Fernandez, DEV UEA

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic17-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Ethical Issues in Qualitative Data Collection Online during Public Emergencies

    10th March 2022

    Helen Campbell-Pickford, UEA

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Violence and wellbeing in the context of #FeesMustFall: a rapid photovoice project with student activists from South Africa

    7th March 2022

    Prof Thierry M. Luescher, Human Sciences Research Council, Cape Town; Dr Keamo Morwe, University of Venda; Dr Angelina Wilson Fadiji, University of Pretoria; Mr Tshepang Mahlatsi, University of the Free State

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic2-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Learning and social movements: global perspectives from youth activists

    28th February 2022

    Shiyam Galyon, Syrian and Anti-war activist; Hector Ulloa, Honduran Human Rights Activists and President, SAIH; Sugreeya Wannayuwat (a.k.a. Mindmint), Thai Student Activist and co-founder of Free Gender Movement

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic21-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    BOOK LAUNCH | Pluriverse of peace in Tolima: systematisation of a transformative action research

    17th February 2022

    Iokiñe Rodriguez & Cristina Sala, DEV UEA

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic13-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    The dynamics of political violence in Mount Elgon, Kenya

    14th February 2022

    Christine Olukhanda, UEA

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic12-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Agroecology through a critical agrarian studies lens

    10th February 2022

    Haroon Akram-Lodhi, Trent University

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic11-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Parents’ perspectives and practices around the schooling of children in rural Northern Nigeria

    3rd February 2022

    Bukola Oyinloye, The Open University

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic3-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Volunteering, learning and power: the experiences of young refugees in Uganda

    19th January 2022

    Matt Baillie Smith, Northumbria University

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic9-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Understanding extreme poverty in Rutom through disaggregation and dynamism

    13th December 2021

    Jean Cader, UEA

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic8-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Integrating social media analysis into conflict research. A case study of Russian war in Donbas

    24th November 2021

    Alena Mizinova, UEA

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic7-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    The Translation of Growth into Poverty Reduction and Human Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Do Institutions Matter?

    22nd November 2021

    Baimba Korona, UEA

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic6-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    The future of farming: Who will produce our food?

    10th November 2021

    Ken Giller, Wageningen University

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic4-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Social justice in the head? Youth activism and critical citizenship in the Taiwanese Sunflower movement

    28th October 2021

    Spyros Themelis, UEA and Tao-Chen Hsu, National Tsinghua University in Taiwan

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic4-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Remaking citizenship? German Business sector engagement and refugee integration

    20th October 2021

    Tanja Muller, University of Manchester

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic3-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Into The Blue: Situating Human-Ocean relationships in International Development

    13th October 2021

    Eddie Allison, World Fish

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic2-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Power Shift: The Global Political Economy of Energy Transitions

    8th October 2021

    Peter Newell, University of Sussex

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic1-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Understanding rural Afghanistan?

    6th October 2021

    Adam Pain, Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit & Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic0-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Seed systems, technology and dimensions of risk for Ugandan smallholders

    27th September 2021

    Matthew Heaton, DEV UEA

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic23-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Waging labour with life: moral economies of work, cultivating-credit, and the experience of inequality in highland Odisha

    24th March 2021

    Sam Wilby, London School of Economics

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic22-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Negotiating precarity: governance and agency in hydropower development in the Eastern Himalayan margins of India

    15th March 2021

    Rinchen Lama, UEA

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic21-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Zulm as an experience of the repressive authoritarian state: A case study of downtown Srinagar

    10th March 2021

    Touseef Mir, UEA

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic5-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Writing as an activism: the Barefoot Research Initiative in Nepal

    8th March 2021

    Sohan Prasad Sha, Amina Singh, Martin Chautari

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic20-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Vanilla, Value and Security in Aid

    1st March 2021

    Stephanie Shankland, UEA

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  • Water-Security-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic23-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Optimising constructed wetlands for sewage treatment, water quality and biodiversity

    24th February 2021

    Jonah Tosney, Norfolk Rivers Trust, Richard Cooper, UEA, Rob Cunningham, Anglian Water

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic6-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Creative learning practices for food and nutrition security amongst indigenous groups in India

    22nd February 2021

    Nivedita Narain, Sayonee Chatterji, Shubhashree Shankar

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic19-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Creative methods in migration research

    17th February 2021

    Jeanette Baxter, Anglia Ruskin University

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic18-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Amazonian Indigenous Art and Urban Migration: The Battles of Place, Dignity and a Future

    10th February 2021

    Giuliana Borea, The University of Essex and Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic7-aspect-ratio-16-9
    A political settlement and accountability perspective on what affects the distribution of teachers in Malawi

    8th February 2021

    Asma Zubairi, OECD

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic17-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Embedding equity into resilience assessment: Impacts of the Gibe III dam, SW Ethiopia

    3rd February 2021

    Jenny Hodbod, Michigan State University

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic16-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Food security solutions: making the staple grass pea safe, and building farmer trust and uptake

    1st February 2021

    Peter Emmrich, Norwich Institute of Sustainable Development

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic15-aspect-ratio-16-9
    The Hidden Racism in Economics

    20th January 2021

    John Komlos, The University of Munich

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic14-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Wildlife Conservation and Indigenous Communities: running INGOs in a shifting global climate

    16th December 2020

    John Andrew Burton

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic13-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Supporting Factors and Barriers to Active Citizenship for Adult Learners in China, Costa Rica, Kuwait and Russia

    9th December 2020

    Ashley Stepanek Lockhart, UNESCO

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic12-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Lockdown, livelihoods and migration in rural south India: Rethinking patronage and care at the time of Covid-19

    2nd December 2020

    Geert De Neve, The University of Sussex

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic11-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Audit as Confession: the instrumentalisation of ethics for management control

    25th November 2020

    Caitlin Scott, UEA

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic8-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Digital Divide: Dividing Communities – Reaching Tribal Communities in Odisha during COVID19

    23rd November 2020

    Monika Neilsen, UNICEF

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic10-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Towards a geopolitical ecology of lithium in the South American Triangle

    18th November 2020

    Daniela Sanchez, Newnham College and University of Cambridge

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic8-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Well-being from ecosystem services in Bangladesh

    11th November 2020

    Helen Adams, Kings College London

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic7-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Using smartphones in remote participatory video research

    28th October 2020

    Sonja Marzi, London School of Economics

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic6-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Inheriting education instead of land: Educational meanings and commitments among the Bagisu of Eastern Uganda

    26th October 2020

    Floris Burgers, UEA

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic5-aspect-ratio-16-9
    It is Christ or corruption in Papua New Guinea: a view from afar

    21st October 2020

    Anthony Pickles, UEA

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic9-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Family literacy and indigenous learning: perspectives from Malawi, Nepal, Ethiopia and the Philippines

    19th October 2020

    GRTA Family Literacy project team

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic4-aspect-ratio-16-9
    The contradictions of an aspiring developmental state: energy boom and bureaucratic independence in Rwanda

    14th October 2020

    Benjamin Chemouni, Université Catholique de Louvain

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic3-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Experiences of publishing after submitting the PhD: publish or perish?

    12th October 2020

    Hussam Hussein, University of Oxford

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic2-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Why do farmers’ perceptions matter for land restoration? Considering findings from Ghana on farmer-managed natural regeneration

    7th October 2020

    Matt Kandel, University of Southampton

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic-aspect-ratio-16-9
    My PhD Journey: Some Shared Experiences

    5th October 2020

    Jiamin Ou, University of Utrecht

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic10-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Learning (and lack of it) in a Network of Organizations: Knowledge Construction in an NGO Intervention in Schools in Rajasthan, India

    29th November 2019

    Helen Campbell Pickford, UEA

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic11-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Creative and digital storytelling in international education research

    25th October 2019

    Alison Buckler

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic12-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Urban Youth’s Learning From Everyday Life in Kathmandu: Arts Based Narrative Inquiry

    2nd October 2019

    Suresh Gautam

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