• Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic23-3-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Agricultural modernization and the (re)shaping of water governance in Shandong, China

    30th May 2022

    Caixia Man, DEV UEA

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  • a green background with event details of the research seminar including title, presenter and date
    National Multidimensional Poverty Measurement in Mexico and Colombia: The Design Processes of the Official Multidimensional Poverty Indices and its Use in Social Policy

    24th May 2022

    Eun Hye Choi – DEV UEA

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic24-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Identifying the factors that shape the monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian interventions in the MENA region during COVID-19 Crisis?

    23rd May 2022

    Khaled Esber – DEV UEA

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic27-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Environmental Justice and Corporate Activism: The Crossroads between Indigenous Communities and Extractive Industries

    19th May 2022

    Samuel Jones, DEV UEA

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic18-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Examining the role of water sharing in producing adaptive capacity: A study of situated vulnerabilities and resilience in New Mexico’s acequias

    16th May 2022

    Chyna Dixon, UEA

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic26-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Determinants of School Attendance at the Secondary Education in India

    9th May 2022

    Jiumei Dang, DEV UEA

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic22-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    ‘Decolonising’ in the Development/Aid Technocracy: Can we ‘checklist’, ‘diversify’ and/or ‘localise’ our way to a more pluriversal world?

    5th May 2022

    Dr. Lata Narayanaswamy – University of Leeds

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic20-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Ground Reports from India’s Development Story

    28th April 2022

    Mayank Aggarwal, Journalist

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic19-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Exorcism Untangled: investigating Deliverance ceremonies among middle-class Pentecostal Congregation in Johannesburg, South Africa

    25th April 2022

    Eirini Athanasopoulou, UEA DEV

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic25-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Using Drama to Decolonise the Pedagogical Practice

    21st March 2022

    Ralph Yarrow, LDC UEA, and Iokine Rodriguez Fernandez, DEV UEA

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic17-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Ethical Issues in Qualitative Data Collection Online during Public Emergencies

    10th March 2022

    Helen Campbell-Pickford, UEA

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Violence and wellbeing in the context of #FeesMustFall: a rapid photovoice project with student activists from South Africa

    7th March 2022

    Prof Thierry M. Luescher, Human Sciences Research Council, Cape Town; Dr Keamo Morwe, University of Venda; Dr Angelina Wilson Fadiji, University of Pretoria; Mr Tshepang Mahlatsi, University of the Free State

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic2-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Learning and social movements: global perspectives from youth activists

    28th February 2022

    Shiyam Galyon, Syrian and Anti-war activist; Hector Ulloa, Honduran Human Rights Activists and President, SAIH; Sugreeya Wannayuwat (a.k.a. Mindmint), Thai Student Activist and co-founder of Free Gender Movement

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic21-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    BOOK LAUNCH | Pluriverse of peace in Tolima: systematisation of a transformative action research

    17th February 2022

    Iokiñe Rodriguez & Cristina Sala, DEV UEA

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic13-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    The dynamics of political violence in Mount Elgon, Kenya

    14th February 2022

    Christine Olukhanda, UEA

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic12-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Agroecology through a critical agrarian studies lens

    10th February 2022

    Haroon Akram-Lodhi, Trent University

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic11-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Parents’ perspectives and practices around the schooling of children in rural Northern Nigeria

    3rd February 2022

    Bukola Oyinloye, The Open University

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic3-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Volunteering, learning and power: the experiences of young refugees in Uganda

    19th January 2022

    Matt Baillie Smith, Northumbria University

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic9-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Understanding extreme poverty in Rutom through disaggregation and dynamism

    13th December 2021

    Jean Cader, UEA

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic8-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Integrating social media analysis into conflict research. A case study of Russian war in Donbas

    24th November 2021

    Alena Mizinova, UEA

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic7-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    The Translation of Growth into Poverty Reduction and Human Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Do Institutions Matter?

    22nd November 2021

    Baimba Korona, UEA

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic6-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    The future of farming: Who will produce our food?

    10th November 2021

    Ken Giller, Wageningen University

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic4-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Social justice in the head? Youth activism and critical citizenship in the Taiwanese Sunflower movement

    28th October 2021

    Spyros Themelis, UEA and Tao-Chen Hsu, National Tsinghua University in Taiwan

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic4-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Remaking citizenship? German Business sector engagement and refugee integration

    20th October 2021

    Tanja Muller, University of Manchester

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic3-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Into The Blue: Situating Human-Ocean relationships in International Development

    13th October 2021

    Eddie Allison, World Fish

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic2-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Power Shift: The Global Political Economy of Energy Transitions

    8th October 2021

    Peter Newell, University of Sussex

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic1-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Understanding rural Afghanistan?

    6th October 2021

    Adam Pain, Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit & Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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  • Research-seminar-series-21-22-graphic0-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Seed systems, technology and dimensions of risk for Ugandan smallholders

    27th September 2021

    Matthew Heaton, DEV UEA

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic23-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Waging labour with life: moral economies of work, cultivating-credit, and the experience of inequality in highland Odisha

    24th March 2021

    Sam Wilby, London School of Economics

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic22-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Negotiating precarity: governance and agency in hydropower development in the Eastern Himalayan margins of India

    15th March 2021

    Rinchen Lama, UEA

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic21-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Zulm as an experience of the repressive authoritarian state: A case study of downtown Srinagar

    10th March 2021

    Touseef Mir, UEA

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic5-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Writing as an activism: the Barefoot Research Initiative in Nepal

    8th March 2021

    Sohan Prasad Sha, Amina Singh, Martin Chautari

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic20-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Vanilla, Value and Security in Aid

    1st March 2021

    Stephanie Shankland, UEA

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  • Water-Security-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic23-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Optimising constructed wetlands for sewage treatment, water quality and biodiversity

    24th February 2021

    Jonah Tosney, Norfolk Rivers Trust, Richard Cooper, UEA, Rob Cunningham, Anglian Water

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic6-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Creative learning practices for food and nutrition security amongst indigenous groups in India

    22nd February 2021

    Nivedita Narain, Sayonee Chatterji, Shubhashree Shankar

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic19-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Creative methods in migration research

    17th February 2021

    Jeanette Baxter, Anglia Ruskin University

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic18-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Amazonian Indigenous Art and Urban Migration: The Battles of Place, Dignity and a Future

    10th February 2021

    Giuliana Borea, The University of Essex and Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic7-aspect-ratio-16-9
    A political settlement and accountability perspective on what affects the distribution of teachers in Malawi

    8th February 2021

    Asma Zubairi, OECD

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic17-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Embedding equity into resilience assessment: Impacts of the Gibe III dam, SW Ethiopia

    3rd February 2021

    Jenny Hodbod, Michigan State University

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic16-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Food security solutions: making the staple grass pea safe, and building farmer trust and uptake

    1st February 2021

    Peter Emmrich, Norwich Institute of Sustainable Development

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic15-aspect-ratio-16-9
    The Hidden Racism in Economics

    20th January 2021

    John Komlos, The University of Munich

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic14-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Wildlife Conservation and Indigenous Communities: running INGOs in a shifting global climate

    16th December 2020

    John Andrew Burton

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic13-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Supporting Factors and Barriers to Active Citizenship for Adult Learners in China, Costa Rica, Kuwait and Russia

    9th December 2020

    Ashley Stepanek Lockhart, UNESCO

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic12-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Lockdown, livelihoods and migration in rural south India: Rethinking patronage and care at the time of Covid-19

    2nd December 2020

    Geert De Neve, The University of Sussex

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic11-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Audit as Confession: the instrumentalisation of ethics for management control

    25th November 2020

    Caitlin Scott, UEA

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic8-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Digital Divide: Dividing Communities – Reaching Tribal Communities in Odisha during COVID19

    23rd November 2020

    Monika Neilsen, UNICEF

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic10-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Towards a geopolitical ecology of lithium in the South American Triangle

    18th November 2020

    Daniela Sanchez, Newnham College and University of Cambridge

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic8-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Well-being from ecosystem services in Bangladesh

    11th November 2020

    Helen Adams, Kings College London

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic7-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Using smartphones in remote participatory video research

    28th October 2020

    Sonja Marzi, London School of Economics

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic6-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Inheriting education instead of land: Educational meanings and commitments among the Bagisu of Eastern Uganda

    26th October 2020

    Floris Burgers, UEA

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic5-aspect-ratio-16-9
    It is Christ or corruption in Papua New Guinea: a view from afar

    21st October 2020

    Anthony Pickles, UEA

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic9-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Family literacy and indigenous learning: perspectives from Malawi, Nepal, Ethiopia and the Philippines

    19th October 2020

    GRTA Family Literacy project team

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic4-aspect-ratio-16-9
    The contradictions of an aspiring developmental state: energy boom and bureaucratic independence in Rwanda

    14th October 2020

    Benjamin Chemouni, Université Catholique de Louvain

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic3-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Experiences of publishing after submitting the PhD: publish or perish?

    12th October 2020

    Hussam Hussein, University of Oxford

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic2-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Why do farmers’ perceptions matter for land restoration? Considering findings from Ghana on farmer-managed natural regeneration

    7th October 2020

    Matt Kandel, University of Southampton

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  • DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic-aspect-ratio-16-9
    My PhD Journey: Some Shared Experiences

    5th October 2020

    Jiamin Ou, University of Utrecht

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic10-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Learning (and lack of it) in a Network of Organizations: Knowledge Construction in an NGO Intervention in Schools in Rajasthan, India

    29th November 2019

    Helen Campbell Pickford, UEA

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic11-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Creative and digital storytelling in international education research

    25th October 2019

    Alison Buckler

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  • EDU-DEV-Research-seminar-series-2020-21-graphic12-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Urban Youth’s Learning From Everyday Life in Kathmandu: Arts Based Narrative Inquiry

    2nd October 2019

    Suresh Gautam

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