We are committed to research that makes a genuine contribution

DEV is committed to research that makes a genuine contribution to resolving major global challenges such as poverty reduction and environmental sustainability. This is not just about conducting surveys, publishing academic papers and writing books (although we do a lot of that too).

DEV researchers work very closely with a large number of organisations involved in international development, including:

  • All the main UN agencies (such as the World Bank and World Health Organisation)
  • All the main bilateral aid agencies (such as the Department for International Development)
  • Government agencies in low and middle income countries
  • International charities and NGOs (such as Oxfam and Christian Aid)
  • Local NGOs and charities in low to middle income countries

Explore our case studies

  • pexels-salman-rafiq-11586319-1-scaled-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Mainstreaming social justice and equity in the management of Protected Areas and other conservation areas
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  • pexels-matthias-zomer-339620 (1)
    Putting long-term care in low and middle income countries on the global policy age
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  • pexels-tom-fisk-1595108B-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Enabling smallholder farmers’ investment in Uganda through new agricultural insurance products
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  • a man being interviewed by a man and women
    Promoting Media Freedom in a Time of Crisis
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  • sain-aspect-ratio-16-9
    SAIN Impact
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  • Capture-aspect-ratio-16-9
    Debunking the Impact of Microfinance
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