Optimising constructed wetlands for sewage treatment, water quality and biodiversity

24th February 2021

The Ingoldisthorpe Wetland was constructed by Norfolk Rivers Trust and Anglian Water in 2018 to act as a natural filter between an 8000 population equivalent sewage works and a unique Norfolk chalk stream. The wetland is designed specifically to target phosphorus and ammonia, but is currently being assessed for a wide range of additional benefits including carbon sequestration, pharmaceutical removal and micro-plastic filtration. The diversity of plant species used are already attracting a wide range of pollinating insects, bats, invertebrates, birds and amphibians and we are in the process of assessing impacts on the wider environment. Additionally, the wetland has provided an additional, secure, income
stream to a small farm business in a time of economic uncertainty.

Jonah Tosney from the Norfolk Rivers Trust, Richard Cooper from UEA and Rob Cunningham from Anglian Water will talk about the use of wetlands as part of the sewage treatment process and their role in improving water quality and biodiversity.

A recording of this seminar can be viewed online: https://eu-lti.bbcollab.com/recording/bd96a28c66f04b25a2403e5cf2198200