A just transition away from coal in Australia


Project status: Ongoing

Funded by: British Academy

This project sought to understand how ‘just transition’ is currently understood in Australia, the challenges Australia will have to overcome to achieve a just transition away from coal and the opportunities for reframing just transition ideas in ways which stimulate productive discussions between different stakeholders and communities.

The project drew on a review of the academic and grey literature, a series of semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders, and analysis of 355 media articles. The project found that a transition away from coal is already underway despite the toxicity of the term ‘just transition’. It proposed mechanisms to generate productive change towards a just transition, because the alternative to a just transition is a disorderly transition


Project Members:

Dr Gareth Edwards (University of East Anglia)

Prof. Susan Park (University of Sydney)

Dr. Robert MacNeil (University of Sydney)


Image by Aedrian, via Unsplash.

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