Developing a framework and tools for enhancing equity and justice in protected area management

2015 - 2017

Project status: Complete

Funded by: Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), Science of the Environment & Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation (espa)

This 12-month project responded to the demand expressed by the CBD and the IUCN World Parks Congress that protected areas should be managed equitably. The project drew on two completed ESPA projects, which explored the concepts of equity and justice in the context of ecosystem services, to develop a framework for enhancing equity and justice in protected area management (at site and systems levels). The framework was validated through fieldwork at three sites in East Africa and a regional workshop in Nairobi. The project brought together academics and practitioners with a wealth of expertise in conservation, protected area management and the challenges of working at the science-policy interface. Collaboration with IUCN’s Global Protected Areas Programme ensured that outputs are not only relevant to the needs of protected area managers but also complement existing assessment tools (e.g. on protected area governance and social impact).

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