Evaluation of Sweden’s long-term development cooperation with Ethiopia

2019 - 2022

Project status: Current

Funded by: Expertgruppen for bistandsanalys (EBA – Expert Group for Aid Studies)

This evaluation assesses the long-term impact of Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation) projects in Ethiopia from the 1960s to the current period. Sweden has been an important donor to Ethiopia during this period with some innovate rural development and education projects. For example, the Chilalo Agricultural Development Unit (CADU) was a programme based on the paradigm of comprehensive rural development in the 1960s and the 1970s. The Ethiopian School Building Unit (ESBU) around the same time significantly increased the number of schools in the country; the schools built then accounted for a significant proportion of schools in Ethiopia for a long time. Over the years, the support of Sweden slowly evolved towards strengthening civil society, improving the rights of women, supporting institutions for human rights and democratisation.

The evaluation canvasses the evolution of Swedish support to Ethiopia using interviews, statistical analysis, literature review and archives. It is informed by insights from impact evaluation, history and institutional development of Ethiopia during the relevant period. The evaluation report first covers overall development of the aid sector in Ethiopia with particular focus on Sweden. Then the subsequent chapters examine the role of Swedish support in three clusters, first rural development, second education and third democratisation, human rights and gender equality. The report draws lessons for the future in the last chapter.

The final report is expected to be released to the public around the end of 2022.

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