Heritage and Imaginaries of the Coast: Exploring Heritage through Collage

2021 - ongoing

Project status: Current

Funded by: ESRC/Equip

This project is part of Fishercoast (https://devresearch.uea.ac.uk/project/fishercoast/). It consisted of a series of participatory arts-based workshops between November and December 2021 with residents in Great Yarmouth. In collaboration with local collage artist Pushkin (https://www.pushkinism.com/work), Original Projects (https://originalprojects.co.uk/) – a local artist-led charity), and the Time and Tide Museum of Great Yarmouth Life (https://www.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/time-tide), we used collage to collaboratively explore meanings of heritage amongst residents in the borough, by sharing sentiments, perspectives, memories and experiences through the process of selecting and composing the material and form of the artwork, alongside continuous discussions and reflections. The installation of the final artwork was exhibited locally in PrimeYarc, Lloyds Bank window (as part of Historic England’s Heritage Action Zone Window, with the support of Out There Arts – https://outtherearts.org.uk/) and in the Time and Tide Museum. It will soon be coming to UEA.

Project Members:

  • Maria Abranches (DEV)
  • Helena Horton (Erasmus+ Trainee from the University of Copenhagen)

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