When the Dust Settles: Exploring the Lived Experience of Refugee Families after Reunion


Project status: Current

Funded by: British Academy Innovation Fellowships Scheme

When the Dust Settles aims at understanding the lived experience of refugee families one or more years after the arrival of relatives through the process of family reunion in the UK. Increasing knowledge in this area will fill a gap in the refugee studies literature and simultaneously address some of the limitations faced by organisations that wish to provide support in this important but less understood life stage of refugee families, subsequent to the better documented period that immediately follows reunion. We use participatory audio-visual and narrative methods to co-create spaces of trust where in-depth knowledge of diverse and complex realities that often lies unarticulated can be uncovered. With this approach, we recognise that forced migration, as a pressing global concern, requires an ethical and creative way of holistically exploring and understanding people’s needs, focusing on their capacity as knowledge holders and sharers. It requires, too, the production of a powerful counternarrative to the current political focus on reinforcing border control. By combining oral narratives with audio-visual methods, we will therefore be able to co-create a space for transformative possibilities and social justice, in a research context that will ultimately be more accessible, impactful, and have a broader reach.

Project Team:

Maria Abranches (PI)

Nihaya Jaber


Project Partner – Together Now

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