Queering Home: Alevi and Kurdish LGBT+ Migrants’ Space-making Practices of Dwelling, Belonging and Attachment in London

8th May 2024


This research starts with the urge to find a home, it comes from a fundamental question: how does one make their home while having intersections of stigmatised identities that conflict with the dominant idea of home and belonging to the everyday spaces they inhabit? To find explore this question, I will investigate the experiences, feelings, and thoughts of LGBT+ migrants who live in London and originate from two highly populated and stigmatised communities (Alevi and Kurdish) in Turkey. The research approaches home not only as a residential place but as various spaces of dwelling, belonging, and attachment. Using a range of qualitative methdos, the research investigates queer migrant space-making practices of dwelling, belonging, and attachment in London, queer contestations with the heteronormative idea of home; and Alevi and Kurdish LGBT+ migrants’ experiences of queer spaces in London.